takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

See the detailed discussion of her crimes against the disabled on our forum

Chat Room

If you have difficulty logging in, try the back door:

1. Go to http://chat.mibbit.com/?channel=#SDCchat
2. Click the text that says 'key'
3. Type in the password
4. Hit go

Popular commands:
/nick ______ (change your name to ________)
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY _______ (to enter your personal password if you use a registered nick name)
/me ______ (if you want to say you did something)
/away [reason] (Sets your status as 'away', possibly showing a message to users why)
/back (cancels "/away")
/msg Nick Message (send a private message, where Nick is the name of the person and Message is what you want to say to them)
You can also send a private message by clicking on the person's name in the list of chatters on the right of the screen, then selecting "PM" from the list of options

For moderators:
/kick user [optional reason] (to kick out--they can come right back in again)
/mode #SDCchat +b nickname!username@hostname (to ban, this is permanent, until unbanned)
You can also ban from the list of people in the room. Just click on the person's name and select "ban" from the list
/mode #SDCchat b (to display list of banned members, select from list to unban)
Kirsten, what you keep forgetting is:
/msg ChanServ SOP channel ADD nick (SOP for key, AOP for star)
/msg chanserv set channel mlock +kr key